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Synonyms for flabby

Synonyms for flabby

lacking in stiffness or firmness

Synonyms for flabby

out of condition


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He giggled flabbily, and sat down in a steamer chair.
1) Exacerbating this (and partly a result of it), a performing tradition has long been ingrained, at least in some quarters, of playing and singing Faure's music in an understated, mannered, or even flabbily romanticized fashion, far from the composer's wishes; every report of Faure's own playing, and his instructions to singers and instrumentalists with whom he worked, suggest that he wanted his music performed with vigor and dramatic and rhythmic cogency.
There seemed to be a bylaw that decreed a night out in Newport must end with drunken louts in shorts fighting and flabbily slapping each other like walruses.
It bristles with the flabbily proscriptive "inappropriate," the pedagogically vague "expose to," the theologically dubious "creative," the cagily condemnatory first person plural (the guilty "we" that implies "we minus me"), and the ineffectually coercive "we need to.
Mason, who stuffed 20,000 calories a day into his blimp-sized body, is said to be suing the NHS for "allowing" him to put on so much disgusting poundage he looked like a beached whale flopping flabbily in bed all day.