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Synonyms for flabby

Synonyms for flabby

lacking in stiffness or firmness

Synonyms for flabby

out of condition


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1 IS the one thing we learn during hot weather that people with the flabbiest, palest bodies are guaranteed to be the ones who cover them with tattoos?
Thanks to some of the flabbiest and most inept political decision-making (or rather, decision-avoidance) at the Ministry of Defence in memory, the standing and reputation of our armed services abroad has been seriously damaged and the Royal Navy made into an international laughing stock.
The flabbiest waists belong to men aged 46-50 living in Bristol who stretch the tape-measure to an unsightly 42in.
Coronation Street's Beverley Callard is back to help you re-sculpt even the flabbiest stomach in Week Seven of her fantastic exercise programme.
Right on the flabbiest part of my upper arm, where my bicep would be if I wasn't always far too busy to go to the gym (Hollyoaks is on FIVE days a week, you know.