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Synonyms for flabby

Synonyms for flabby

lacking in stiffness or firmness

Synonyms for flabby

out of condition


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They are reared in huge pens miles out to sea off the West Coast and now make over 50% more in price than their flabbier counterparts from farms in other countries.
Already at many news organizations, journalists and readers alike have noticed flabbier writing, flatter headlines, more typos.
SOME punters already use the predictive nature of win and place exchange odds to bet into flabbier pools elsewhere.
Dante and Randal strike back in "Clerks II," a follow-up to Kevin Smith's 1994 indie sensation that is considerably higher-budgeted and softer and flabbier than the first, but packs enough riotous exchanges and pungent sexual obscenities to make its 97 minutes pass by with ease.
Sorry, but The League of Gentlemen did this first - and much better - courtesy of Tubbs from the Local Shop Throughout the show, the dialogue and "punchlines" (sometimes they seemed to forget to include one) were looser and flabbier than Bubbles, which doesn't help when so many of the sketches are based around a single - and now oh-sofamiliar - joke.
My only sensible option, it seems, is to grow greyer and flabbier, with as much grace as I can muster
12) The laryngeal tissues of infants are relatively soft and flaccid and their aryepiglottic folds and arytenoid tissues are relatively large; as a result, their glottic opening is smaller and their larynx is flabbier and softer.
He's looking a bit older and bit flabbier, but his dashing looks and charisma are enough to pull him through.
We notice, for example, that the chief executive gets grayer, sometimes flabbier, as the years go by, but we do not know what conceptual toll the office takes (or the growth it inspires).
THE delectable casting of Sigourney Weaver and Jennifer Love Hewitt as mother and daughter con artists is enough to distract anyone from the flabbier spots.
In years since, feature writing, in general, has become softer, flabbier, more star-driven and sensational.
Corsets, which have featured strongly in recent catwalk collections, might have a similar indigestion-inducing effect and past reports have indicated that they also weaken the abdominal wall muscles through lack of exercise, leaving these areas flabbier when the support is removed.
Motherkind is sunk, says one cheated customer in Pennsylvania, by "bland characters and even blander, flabbier scene setting.
Much shorter than Cedars, East of the Mountains actually feels flabbier at times.