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loose or flaccid body fat

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Croton tiglium and Its Chloroform Fraction Induced NF-[kappa]B Transcription in TLR5-Independent Pathway and Enhanced FlaB Activity.
The pill is made with capsaicinoids, the active ingredient in chili peppers, which supposedly stimulate metabolism, burn flab and carbs, and step up the oxygenation rate in someone who's exercising.
Actress Raveena Tandon who has lost all the flab after two childbirths, but is glowing these days, says, "I think you lose colour when you go for extreme diets or over-exercise.
I loved Esquire's "The More You Weigh, the More You Pay"--proposing that Americans get weighed at a federal weigh station so they can be assessed a flab tax--by Joshua Foer.
The Weigh No More programme, devised by South Durham and Darlington Nutrition and Dietetics Service, has so far helped more than 40 people fight the flab.
Contrary to popular belief, crunches don't burn belly flab. They help tone core muscles.
CAN'T face going to the gym but still want to lose that holiday flab or stick to your New Year resolution to get fitter?
Another jiggled the flab of her inner thigh, while an older gentleman held his protruding belly with both hands, shaking it vigorously and laughing.
However, in Datamonitor's view not only does it appear that consumers want to tackle their weight for aesthetic reasons, they also want to fight flab and keep fit.
The cast of ITV's fighting the flab series Fat Friends.
Hirsch also represents Caesar Barber, a middle-aged maintenance man with two heart attacks under his belt and substantial flab above it, who for decades assumed that cheeseburgers onion rings, and fried chicken were health foods.
At a time when even our women's teams are working on the weights, we have to wonder what possesses the ancient mariners who still look upon our strength savants as professional weight-lifters and sit around waiting for the round mounds of flab like Babe Ruth and Fats Henry to come out of the woodwork and vindicate their theories about "genetic endowments" and "muscle binding."
Japanese scientists have reported that both fish oil and the' pungent compound responsible for chili peppers' bite will turn on fat oxidation--the chemical conversion of flab to heat.
Holding three-pound weights in each hand while doing arm exercises will tone and strengthen those muscles (particularly those upper arm muscles that, for some strange reason, turn to flab and flop around).