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a long narrow inlet of the sea between steep cliffs


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The FJORD 38 xpress has been extensively refitted and as well as the FJORD 38 open been equipped with the enlarged, shady T-top.
It will give Fjord a footprint in Argentina, Colombia, Mexico and Peru, while strengthening its existing operations in Brazil by adding strong talent and forward-thinking capabilities to accelerate the value it drives for clients.
In a world first, Norway is planning to build a submerged, floating tunnel to allow road traffic to cross one of its deepest fjords, according to an article in The Telegraph.
Le glacier Petermann fait partie d'une langue glaciaire de fjord unique dans une region rarement etudiee du nord-ouest du Groenland.
AN enchanting city surrounded by seven mountains, Bergen might be known as the gateway to the fjords, but Norway's second largest city has so much more to offer.
This factor is Earth's internal heat, reaching up through the water deep below the fjords in northeastern Greenland.
It draws upon the collective thinking of Fjord's over 1,000 designers and developers around the world and is based on first-hand observations, evidenced-based research and client work.
Hydrographic records obtained from seasonal campaigns in the Martinez Channel (Perez-Santos et al, 2014) and the Puyuhuapi Fjord (Schneider et al, 2014) found that the greatest thickness of the MSAAW layer (50 m in the Martinez Channel and 90 m in the Puyuhuapi Fjord) occurred during autumn-winter and not during spring summer (20 m in the Martinez Channel and 50 m in Puyuhuapi Fjord), when the freshwater input is highest due to ice melt.
In this deep water near Helheim Glacier, our team, led by scientists Fiamma Straneo of Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution (WHOI) and David Sutherland of the University of Oregon, assembled Sermilik Fjord Mooring No.
Consultant pathologist Dr Fouad Alchami later said Ms Le Fjord would have died almost instantly.
They chose those locations because their fjords all have glaciers that flow into the ocean, and all of the fjords have multiple icebergs with fragmenting glacier pieces that fell or calved into the water.
While three 142-meter ferries, each with the capacity to hold 200 cars, 600 passengers and between 24 and 30 trucks, are to be produced for BastE[sup.1]-Fosen, the two remaining ferries will be delivered to Fjord 1, and will be 74 meters long, with a holding capacity of 60 cars and up to 199 passengers.
The stunning beauty of the fjord combined with the crisp, early morning Norwegian air was quite literally breathtaking.