fizzle out

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Synonyms for fizzle out

die away

Synonyms for fizzle out

end weakly

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"We have just got to keep moving forward until the end of the season, because there is no way we are just going to sit back and let the season fizzle out."
If the warmer source emits its radio waves as a result of collision with mass ejected from AS431, the intensity of its signals should diminish or even fizzle out over a few years.
An exchange of penalties in the second half suggested the game would fizzle out.
THE mini-heatwave which took temperatures up to 26C (79F) yesterday will fizzle out by Easter Sunday, weather experts warned yesterday.
FRESH questions were raised over the future of Labour Chairman Charles Clarke last night after he allowed the Labour Party conference to fizzle out without celebration.
But experts point out that the UK stock market is the second-worst performer in Europe behind Italy and expect the rise to fizzle out soon.
Warrenpoint Town v Dungannon Swifts Milltown, 3pm BY DARREN FULLERTON DUNGANNON Swifts boss Rodney McAree is determined the club's season "doesn't fizzle out" after the high of lifting the League Cup.
"Every attacking opportunity seemed to fizzle out with backwards passing.
Mine always seem to fizzle out Mine always seem to fizzle out and I never really understand and I never really understand what went wrong.