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Synonyms for fizzle

to make a sharp sibilant sound

Synonyms for fizzle

a fricative sound (especially as an expression of disapproval)

a complete failure


end weakly

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The Fizzle Light provides its users, particularly children, with a fun way to keep their room lit at night.
And if it doesn't fizzle out, that's when you need to make plans for the future.
He was reacting to questions about a report published on Thursday in a daily that quotes a senior scientist associated with the 1998 tests as admitting that the only thermonuclear device tested was a fizzle.
Matt] watched the colorful [fireworks] go off with a bang, then sizzle and fizzle as they lit the sky.
In fact, such jets would fizzle near the black hole instead of streaming into space.
Confident enough to cross boundaries into painting and sculpture, yet modest enough to stand as works on paper, Dole-Recio's larger efforts realize the full potential of their scale (unlike, say, Julie Mehretu's slick, overinflated drawings-cum-paintings that fizzle out when seen from a distance).
To get your hands on the reins of the speedy sleigh that is your life, figure how much you can handle before you fizzle.
BURSCOUGH may have lost their only remaining cup lifeline in midweek, but the Linnets are determined that their season won't fizzle out.
Some, like Star columnist Janet Charlton, reiterated the conventional wisdom that a star's offscreen openly gay orientation would put a fizzle in on-screen straight romantic sizzle.
A 10-year study by Ernst & Young concludes that, despite initial performance, many companies fizzle in the first three years after going public, significantly under-performing the market in both profits and share price.
But they are determined that when the bonfire and the fireworks fizzle out, they'll also have something more lasting to remember the new Millennium by.
We lost at Liverpool and we can't let things fizzle out now.
While most people's efforts to track their expenses fizzle after a few weeks, this activity has been the basis of Danica Phelps's art practice since 1996.
Astronomers now think magnetars have a life span of about 10,000 years before they totally fizzle out in space.
Did you happen to hear Trey Wingo call into Collin Cowherd's ESPN Radio show the other day, but then fizzle out and disappear when his cellphone dropped?