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Synonyms for fizzing

hissing and bubbling


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In future all fizzing candies bear the well-known, but modernized logo "Prickel Pit" as a family brand.
"Because of our new brand view on the shelves we have gained considerably more attention from customers and could profit as one of the most well-known fizzing candies: Prickel Pit.
One theory suggests that the magma is boosted by gases fizzing from the material as it nears Earth's surface.
Jones almost doubled his tally early in the second half when his fizzing half volley hit the woodwork.
Though Alka-Seltzer ads of the 1950s showed one tablet therapeutically fizzing, the dosage doubled in the 1960s.
FIZZING ENERGY Jim Innes Sad loss of wise man Jim THE sudden death of Jim Innes, one of the founders of my old paper The West Highland Free Press, will shock his friends the breadth of Scotland.
Fizzing |Bath Bombs, PS6 each, Bubble Cosmetics (bubblet Cosmetics (bubblet ||Shoot For The Stars Bath Bomb, Stars Bath Bomb, PS3.50, Lush ( |Heart Fizz Bath Heart Fizz Bath Bomb, PS3.49, British Heart Foundation Shop ( ( Strawberry |Bath Bomb with Bath Bomb with Rose Petals, Rose Petals, PS1, Poundland PS1, Poundland |Macaron Bath Fizzers, PS9.95 for box of three, House of Bath ( Bath Blasters, | in Vintage Rosehip and Fairytale Fantasy, PS2.29 each, Bomb Cosmetics (bomb
A FIZZING sensation which is sure to get your tastebuds tingling, this bubbly delight is a sweet combination - but you can bet your life Granny Smith wouldn't approve.