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Synonyms for fizzy

Synonyms for fizzy

hissing and bubbling


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"We are handing you one of our 'fizziest drinks' from off the West Coast shelf and we will all miss her."
Brought up in Sweden on a strict musical diet of old school Hip-Hop, The Pixies and Techno, Sparks takes the fizziest elements from his youthful audio flirtations and shakes them up with a generous helping of shameless pop stickiness to create sparkling songs foaming with massive, catchy choruses like recent single 'She's Got Me Dancing' which does exactly what it says on its well polished tin.
There's also an investigation into which foods provide the best substitute for shaving cream and a look at Britain's fizziest drink.
So let's get in a tizzy over the return of the UK's fizziest show.
The champagne moment was fizziest among the leaders, who seemed rather surprised by what they had achieved.
Little Red himself is next on the greedy wolf's menu but decides to try to save himself with a barrel of the fizziest ginger beer.
The Corporate Machine can also be played with aircraft, cars, or computers, but let's assume you make the fizziest of colas, complete with the Secret Ingredient.