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Synonyms for fixture

an object firmly fixed in place (especially in a household)

a regular patron

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the quality of being fixed in place as by some firm attachment

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Put tire and outer wheel half on fixture, and add bearing
SP 12 and SP 14 are the first fixtures in a series of floodlights for surface projector lighting.
A hole had been drilled in the back of the halogen flood lamp heat sink and a screw inserted to secure the fixture to the wood structure near the eaves.
Many packages cannot be directly probed, in which case a test fixture provides the solution.
Planning a fixture usually takes weeks and months so those who have managed to turn around the meeting inside two weeks have to be congratulated.
Tennessee Tool and Fixture makes molds and castings for automotive companies, primarily in automotive seats.
A SUPPOSED leaked Premier League fixture list published online over the weekend has been confirmed as a hoax.
They have one flat side with two magnets to snap the lamp into place in a ceiling fixture, where it can be wired directly to line voltage.
California's Title 24 divides lighting fixtures into high efficacy (an efficient source in a hard-wired or GU-24 base fixture) and low efficacy fixtures (Edison base fixtures and track lighting), and then puts limits on where and how much wattage for low efficacy fixtures can be used.
The only way to avoid uneven runs of fixtures in future seasons is to fit teams' requests into the basic fixture schedule as well as possible but to ignore any requests from clubs which can't be satisfied without altering the schedule.
Series of fixture moves to accommodate this, including two-day Old Roan Chase meeting at Aintree becoming two separate fixtures (October 25 and November 7) ?
Sales of LED lighting fixtures are expected to nearly triple through 2018 to account for over half of total fixture sales, up from seven percent in 2008.
Serving the utilities, industrial, and commercial business communities for over 40 years, leading manufacturer and distributor of high grade light equipment Larson Electronics has released a solar-powered, explosion-proof LED light fixture with an optional strobe or steady-burn configuration.
The SLXP, SLX and DLX LED fixtures use solid state lighting technology to provide an instant-on light source, meaning no down time, and allows for the fixture to remain cool to the touch.
The Gas Inspector's residential fees are as follows: first fixture, misc repairs or piping, $65; each additional fixture, $10; re-inspection, $50.