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a house or other dwelling in need of repair (usually offered for sale at a low price)

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Last sold in 2017 for [pounds sterling]580,000, house hunters could turn a serious profit on this Birkdale fixer-upper.
The lack of good, affordable inventory makes the market more competitive, pitting buyer against buyer and raising the prices of homes--as well as the probability of first-timers having to buy fixer-uppers.
Cleveland took the third spot in these rankings of potential fixer-upper bargains.
Although Kerri was busy working as a typesetter for Black Entertainment Television's magazine department and running her own small business, and Darryl was toiling away as a deputy sheriff and a reservist in the Air Force Reserves, they weren't too busy to notice a fixer-upper. It was a small three-bedroom house that they ultimately bought for $164,000.
Waterfront listings in the North Bay area are scarce with few fixer-upper steals on the market as many Lake Nipissing camp-style properties are being renovated into more seasonal and year-round homes.
* Also in Saugatuck, an ambitious realtor will try to sell a fixer-upper for above market, claiming it was Abraham Lincoln's summer time-share.
The newsletter continued: 'Find a bargain night out, a pampering fixer-upper or just say 'to hell with it' and stick it on the card.'
The book emphasizes the cosmetic fixer-upper and recommends avoiding historical restorations and structural changes, as well as hidden and noncosmetic work.
My husband and I recently bought a real fixer-upper. Since we were newlyweds and a bit short on cash, we started saving our money to do a complete bathroom makeover.
With 1,922-SF under roof, the residence was either an auction block bargain or a fixer-upper in need of some serious attention.
What happened to buying a fixer-upper and some elbow grease?
Poses, who at 57 recently ascended to the chief executive title for the first time in his career, left behind a company with a legendary prowess in the methodology of quality and productivity to start over at American Standard, an organization that is, by comparison, a Six Sigma fixer-upper.
"We actually got a little fixer-upper next to the water and we were like, 'Oh we gotta fix this up.' It's really a house that needs work," Lopez told host Ellen DeGeneres.
However, a New York Times report noted that maintenance on the famous mansion has been minimal over the past few years, so it's a bit of a fixer-upper.
Last year, Corcoran broker Deanna Kory sold a 5,000 s/f fixer-upper co-op on the Upper East Side for just under $9 million.