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Synonyms for fixer

someone who intervenes with authorities for a person in trouble (usually using underhand or illegal methods for a fee)

a chemical compound that sets or fixes something (as a dye or a photographic image)

synthetic narcotic drug similar to morphine but less habit-forming

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'We certainly don't recommend anyone to use services of visa fixers to provide these additional services,' he added.
Now Duplicate Files Fixer offers undo functionality that will make restoring deleted files of same size easy.
I want to thank Fixers for helping me with this project because it gave me a chance to open up about an issue close to me."
On Tattoo Fixers, Jay creates a tattoo on the leg of Vicky Balch, who was seriously injured in the Smiler ride crash at Alton Towers and had her right leg amputated below the knee
Phillip Luff, Managing Director, UK & EMEA Scripps Networks Interactive said: "Fixer Upper has become a hugely popular show throughout the world because viewers can relate to it.
And with the help of Fixers, Sara created a leaflet to support others her age who may be going through similar problems.
Colleen Murrell argues that the fixer has a more significant role than the research literature has so far given because he or she also provides the correspondent with story ideas, as well as analyzing the local situation.
La seance de ce vendredi du Dialogue national se penchera sur la question de la concomitance ou non des elections presidentielle et legislatives, a declare le president du bureau politique du mouvement Ennahdha, Ameur Larayedh, formant l'espoir de parvenir a un accord afin d'aider l'Assemblee nationale constituante (ANC) a fixer une date a ces elections, conformement aux dispositions de la constitution '.
FREE TOMORROW FREEEVERY THURSDAY REE ERYRSDAY Let our fashion fixer keep you bang on trend Fan Andrew Southwick's take on Pittodrie Our top acerbic columnist shoots from the lip Northsound's dynamic duo PAGE 7 Let our fashion fixer keep you bang on trend PAGE 15 NPAGE 30 PAGE 15 PAGE 19 DON'T MISS THE LATEST EDITION OF ABERDEEN NOW ..THE PAPER EVERYBODY IS TALKING PAGE 19 32 PAGES PS10,000FOR LOCAL CAUSES PS1PS10,0,0000 FOR L OCA OL L CAUAUAUSUSUSUSUSESE Charlie Gall Galallll TODAY we launch a brilliant PS10,000 community cash giveaway to help your local good causes weather these tough times.
Par ailleurs, la Choura a approuve de fixer une nouvelle loi electorale dans laquelle les lacunes de la loi precedentes seront evitees.
" Veena had told me over the phone that she was match- fixer and that we could make money.
WORCESTER - Prospective homebuyers in Worcester may be eligible for Funds for Fixer Uppers, a new program that offers incentives and rehabilitation funds to buy foreclosed properties.
Je Suis Un Rock Star is part of Channel 4's New Talent Month and promises viewers an exclusive insight to life as a "fixer" with a bigname band.
By Chicago Sun-Times calculations, the paper's "Fixer" column headed by Stephanie Zimmerman has saved readers more than $500,000.
Najeeb is from the tribal area on the border of Afghanistan and Pakistan, estranged from his family, and working as Kelly's "fixer," translator and guide and fixer of problems that an American correspondent is likely to run into.