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Synonyms for fixedness

the quality of being fixed in place as by some firm attachment

the quality of being fixed and unchangeable

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Functional fixedness is overcome with innovative solutions.
The link between Bergson, Hjelmslev, and Deleuze appears to be very clear, for example, in the second chapter of Deleuze's book Time-Image, in which Deleuze identifies the Bergsonian "mobile" and the Hjelmslevian "enongable", which refer to: the power of the "virtual" (the "virtnel", "mobile", and "enongable"); time as memory-duration, which differs from the fixedness of the "actual" ("l'enonce"); and time as space (29).
For example, in a corpus-driven study of lexical bundles in TOEFL iBT writing tasks, Staples, Egber, Biber, and McClair (2013) found that test-takers of different proficiency levels showed similar uses of lexical bundles in terms of functions and degree of fixedness despite the fact that lower-proficiency writers used more lexical bundles including some taken from the writing prompts.
Researchers in educational psychology explore the impact of fundamental assumptions lay people make about human attributes that incorporate beliefs about the fixedness or malleability of a personal attribute such as intelligence, willpower, and personality.
We are now in a different set, where the drawing ceases to refer to the simple game of offering a crude representation of a familiar animal, but where this visual puzzle draws us into questions about both the rigidity of our vision (not just in the purely mechanical sense), the fixedness of some of our interpretations of the world, but also our ability to bring new interpretations to bear on our world.
" Turning back the reader to revisit the past, the lines hover over historical fact, using insinuation to rarefy the fixedness of the LA riots.
Faten transcends cultural and religious boundaries articulating a hybrid identity that resists fixedness, stability, patriarchy, and thus expresses a new mobile, unstable and liberal subjectivity that responds to the calls of "modernity" in twenty-first century Morocco.
A prudent 19th century woman always kept a supply at hand, leading a Chicago Tribune writer to opine that the practice encouraged poor workmanship in women's clothes: "The greatest scorner of woman is the maker of the readymade, who would not dare to sew on masculine buttons with but a single thread, yet will be content to give the feminine hook and eye but a promise of fixedness, trusting to the pin to do the rest."
Knopf's "Zany Zombies, Grinning Ghosts, Silly Scientists, and Nasty Nazis: Comedy-Horror at the Threshold of World War II" and Eric Cesar Morales's "Beyond Fear in The Book of Life: Discussions on Children, Death, and Latinidad." Knopf's central thesis posits that while the cinematic door may at first appear mundane, its tropic potential as a comedic prop for slapstick antics in tandem with its fixedness as a synecdoche for the haunted house in horror makes it a worthy entry point for examining horror-comedy.
In addition, the conventional fabrication of the skin antenna is the lack of the flexible use and reuse of the antenna elements, due to the fixedness of the antenna elements in the antenna array.
However, the connection between giftedness and fixedness is not straightforward, as was indicated by relatively high means and standard deviations (see Tables 2 and 5).
While they challenge the permanence or fixedness of particular rules, they also reveal that the methods and processes by which those rules are determined are secure and organized.