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Synonyms for fixedness

the quality of being fixed in place as by some firm attachment

the quality of being fixed and unchangeable

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However, it is widely accepted that the criterion of syntactic fixedness is not a defining criterion of MWEs.
19) The fixedness or certainty of seeing derives from the natural fit between the intellect and the evidentness of the truth, so it is not merely a psychological feature but also an epistemic feature of the knower.
Since Vo's father later emigrated to Europe, the work echoes the movement of bodies in and out of Vietnam, pointing to changing, porous borders and dismantling the idea of the fixedness of national affiliation," Xie says.
How users think about and use AI systems may be affected by functional fixedness.
In fact, there may be disadvantages in having greater experience, such as liabilities, a cognitive fixedness, and "mental ruts" (Gielnik, Kramer, Kappel, & Frese, 2014; Shepherd & DeTienne, 2005; Ucbasaran, Westhead, & Wright, 2009).
There is a lack of fixedness in American culture when it comes to buildings and businesses, and because of this there are few places in my town that I treasure for their historical beauty or significance - except for one Springfield gem that colored my childhood an awkward shade of green and with genuine happiness: the Gateway Mall.
It is to be distinguished from place, "an instantaneous configurations of positions," indicating stability and fixedness, implying a static sense of location, of being and dwelling (Certeau: 1984: 117).
However, these methods can suffer from a number of cognitive limitations, including functional fixedness, in which the solutions considered are strongly constrained by the real-world experience of those engaged in the idea generation process (Lilien et al.
Hacking the fixedness of technology offers a form of resistance against prescribed uses, particularly those focused on preserving digital scarcity and regulability (Lessig, 2006).
Beatrice's fixedness of purpose might be reminiscent of the stoicism shown by Prometheus, but unlike the Titan, Beatrice will evolve as a character.
The Role of Knowledge The task also presents an opportunity to examine the role of knowledge, and phenomena such as functional fixedness.
I have a passion for the look of trees, their fixedness, their
McConnell asserts: "What I wanted for these pieces, given their flippant, meandering genesis and construction, was a sense of undeniable fixedness in their completion.
They explain that it deals with the study of word combinations rather than single words and that these multi-word units are classified into various subtypes on the basis of the following criteria: degree of semantic non-compositionality, syntactic fixedness, lexical restrictions and institutionalization.
Other features are also highlighted, such as their fixedness, the fact that lexical bundles are not necessarily idiomatic and their strong structural component.