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a periodic charge that does not vary with business volume (as insurance or rent or mortgage payments etc

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In a statement, the three working presidents of DPCC demanded a "total rollback of the fixed charges instead of doing a piecemeal job by the Aam Aadmi Party Government as an election stunt with an eye on the upcoming Assembly elections in Delhi to fool the people of Delhi after looting them in the name of fixed charges and pension fund for the past one and a half years."
In a notification, Ogra said the minimum fixed charges for the bulk domestic consumers had been increased to Rs4,680 per month from Rs1,053, as notified on Oct 4.
Step Fixed Charge Transportation Problem (SFCTP) is an extended version of the FCTP.
Part III compares American security interests with English fixed charges by comparing the outcomes in prototypical cases.
Fixed charges Dh10.00 and per word charges are Dh 1.50 (Delivery within 48 Hrs).
The agency would resort to a negative rating action if leasing of new assets fluctuates, the company turns for development beyond current levels, or if funds from operations (FFO) are not sufficient to cover all fixed charges, including the common dividend.
One of the bedrock principles of rate design is to recover fixed costs through fixed charges (the "customer charge") and variable costs through variable charges (the "energy charge" or "per kWh" charges).
"Moody's believes the resolution of the REIT's [real estate investment trust's] nonperforming assets will be a protracted process, and as a result, EBITDA [earnings before interest, taxes, depreciation and amortization] will erode and fixed charges could deteriorate to levels close to its bond covenant threshold."
All the venues we examined had a set of fixed charges depending on the rooms we hired, to which variable costs were then added.
With expenses rising 1.0 percent, Income Before Fixed Charges (IBFC) for the average U.S.
Hoteliers in the Welsh capital reported an 11pc rise in profitability,measured as income before fixed charges per available room, with room rates increasing from approximately pounds 89 in 2001 to pounds 95 last year as recognition grew of the city as a sporting and commercial centre.
The MR lender will examine and evaluate major fluctuations in the balance sheet (e.g., receivables and payables), income statements and projections, the adequacy and cost of insurance, and other factors that could affect the nursing home operator's ability to meet its debt service and other fixed charges. If the potential borrower has had losses in the past, their specific causes and solutions will be identified and analyzed to ensure that such problems are adequately addressed and resolved.
The FSB say the system of fixed charges, imposed on Scottish Water by Sutherland, has crippled many small businesses.