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a periodic charge that does not vary with business volume (as insurance or rent or mortgage payments etc

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Strong Fixed Charge Coverage: Among Fitch-rated Russian food retailers, Lenta has the strongest FFO fixed charge coverage (2017: 2.7x) due to strong store ownership.
* A reasonable, pre-arranged fixed charge for each time a consumer views information about a specific lawyer, commonly referred to as "pay per click."
class="MsoNormalThe only reduction in the new tariff is the removal of the fixed charge ndash I suspect that Kenya Power was not able to give any viable justification for its existence.
Consumers using 15Kwh paid a fixed charge of Sh150 in addition to Sh37.50 where a unit of power costs Sh2.50.
Under the company's amended credit facility, the revision increases maximum leverage ratio from 2.75x to 4.0x, decreases minimum fixed charge coverage ratio from 1.25x to 1.15x, decreases quarterly principal payment from USD1,334,000 to USD577,500 in 2017 and USD 766,650 in 2018 and beyond, increases interest rate spreads by only 50 basis points at current leverage, as well as adds an annual excess cash flow prepayment provision to ensure it remains focused on debt repayment.
In this paper, a real-world modeling of transportation problem, namely, step fixed charge transportation problem has been investigated.
To recap, the floating charge applies to a debtor's current and future assets and can be converted into a fixed charge in the event one of the conditions for consolidating the assets is triggered, or once a creditor appoints a receiver/administrator.
Commissioner of Inland Revenue (105) held that "the first two [criteria] are typical of a floating charge but they are not distinctive of it, since they are not necessarily inconsistent with a fixed charge." (106) Lord Millett went on to say that Lord Justice Romer's third criterion "is the hallmark of a floating charge and serves to distinguish it from a fixed charge." (107) This reduction of Lord Justice Romer's criteria from three to one was corroborated in 2005 by Lord Scott.
The current team includes Julian Healey and Roger Buncombe, both Registered Fixed Charge Receviers who are currently advising many banks on distressed assets.
The obligation to provide, and the amount of, deposits required would be based upon a matrix measuring, on a quarterly basis, both a fixed charge coverage ratio and unrestricted cash of Air Canada.
More importantly, some utilities have a fixed charge for being on the grid and there are also other fees and taxes people avoid when not on the grid.
If a cooperative is assured of recovering its distribution system costs, which are not related to the volume that it sells, through a fixed charge, then it can work cooperatively with customers in reducing the 65% to 75% of the bill that goes to the cooperative's supplier, which benefits both the cooperative and its customers through lower energy bills.
Fixed charge receivership is a specialised, complex, and potentially highly-litigious area, requiring a great breadth of knowledge and experience in order to provide the best advice.
Icelandic bank Landsbanki has applied to make Pricewaterhouse-Coopers (PWC) a fixed charge receiver over Baugur's stakes in supermarket Iceland, department store House of Fraser and Hamleys toy shop.