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responding to or operating at a wide band of frequencies


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The fixed broadband market is supported largely by two technology platforms: cable TV (CATV) and FttH, with the latter more prominent.
In May, India ranked at 71 in fixed broadband and 123 in mobile speeds, and the mobile and fixed broadband speeds in May were 11.02 Mbps and 30.03 Mbps, respectively.
In addition, the number of fixed broadband subscriptions with download speeds of more than 100 Mbps grew by a factor of eight to 1.2 million subscribers in 2018, from 150,000 in 2017, it added.
The Index also ranked Qatar first among all Gulf countries and 39 th globally in terms of fixed broadband Internet speed for the month of April with a speed of 62.65 Mbps.
Speed test reports by OOKLA showed that fixed broadband internet speeds in the country improved from 8.40 Megabits per second (Mbps) in the third quarter of 2016 to 19.31 Mbps in the first quarter of 2019.
The index also ranked Qatar first among all Gulf countries and 39th globally in terms of fixed broadband Internet speed for April with a speed of 62.65 Mbps.
Overall, the Philippines' Internet speed placed twenty-ninth for fixed broadband and 33rd for mobile out of fifty Asian countries.
In the ranking of fixed broadband speeds, Kyrgyzstan took the 82nd place out of 126 countries.
The study stated that fixed broadband prices have also fallen by up to 7pc between 2017 and 2018.
Fixed broadband Internet connections, which have more than 256KB speed, increased by 14.9 per cent - compared to December 2017 - to 400,964 at the end of September 2018, according to data released by National Centre for Statistics and Information (NCSI).
The study found that fixed wireless access is becoming a viable alternative to other broadband technologies, including trditFibre-to-the-Home (FTTP) in certain markets if the operator carefully considers the end-to-end solution to ensure that Fixed Wireless offers a viable alternative to traditional Fixed Broadband services.
ISLAMABAD -- Mobile broadband users remain significantly higher than fixed broadband user to the dominance of the mobile platform in the country as mobile broadband subscribers reach 55 billion with teledensity of 27.04 %.
TheEuropeanCommission aims to roll-out 100 Mbps speeds to 100% of its citizens by 2025, but this cannot be done without taking a new approachto fixed broadband usingwirelesstechnology, Baert added.
(TransCo) for the use of the latter's fiber and microwave assets for the rollout of its fixed broadband network.