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Third graders are referred to the Fiver program from partnering community organizations that are located in particularly underserved communities throughout New York City and central New York.
From its introduction, the fiver it was printed from engraved copper plates -the intaglio method -until 1855 when letterpress,or surface printing, was employed.
MINI entrepreneurs from a Tyneside first school turned their fivers into more than PS900 for a national competition.
14 for a fiver on Everton 5-4, Rangers 16-5, Bristol City 5-6, Bala 7-5, Chelsea 4-9 and Man Utd (14-5).
And the kiss he gave his girlfriend sitting alongside him on the front seat of his car set him back a fiver.
The successful integration of Camp 2 Grow in Camp Fiver's culture owes much to the easy agreement between the curriculum's objectives and the overarching Fiver approach.
Either way you should be able to get plenty of change from a fiver for a couple of salmon steaks or fillets.
When the Holgate Wall gets demolished the bricks could be sold off at a fiver at time.
The lifespan of a fiver is now down to less than a year, a Bank spokeswoman said.
And, as it was, Scotland won 2-1 and he got up and left about two or three minutes before the end and he handed the fiver over.
Bank of England Governor Mark Carney has previously said of the new PS5 note: "The new fiver will commemorate the achievements of the only prime minister to win the Nobel Prize for literature and one of the greatest statesmen of all time - Sir Winston Churchill.
YOUNG people across South Wales are being urged to join the Fiver Challenge - Young Enterprise's nationwide business challenge for primary schools.
You'll like this if you're a fan of: Jesus and Mary Chain, Manic Street Preachers St James Infirmary - Eight For A Fiver PUNKY fun rock takes centre stage in Eight For A Fiver which plods along happily and shows that St James Infirmary aren't ones to take themselves too seriously.