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having five lobes

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b) Tubular (0+5 corolla lobes): actinomorphic, limb five-lobed at the apex, the lobes usually deeply or very deeply incised (Fig.
c) Ligulate (5+0 ligule lobes): zygomorphic, with a short and narrow tube expanding into a ligule five-lobed at the apex, the lobes deeply (Fig.
As numerous authors have already established (Burke, 1989; Hendler, 1991; Byrne and Selvakuramaswamy, 2002), metamorphosis begins spontaneously in the water column when the five-lobed hydrocoele starts to encircle the esophagus and the larval arms begin to regress, and ends with the loss of the two remaining posterolateral arms.
The many potentillas are nicknamed cinquefoil from the five-lobed leaves of many species.
Dozens of varieties are available with giant five-lobed star flowers, up to 8 inches across, in red, pink, yellow, orange or white.
3F): Biramous; protopod five-lobed, endites with 8, 3, 3, 3, 3 setae; endopod four-segmented with 2, 2, 2, 3 setae; exopod with five plumose setae.
The hairless five-lobed leaves look very like an acer.
Florets isomorphic, bisexual, chasmogamous or cleistogamous; chasmogamous florets with corolla ligulate, limb deeply five-lobed, with one deeper split and unilateral lobes; cleistogamous florets with corolla pseudoligulate, tubular, four- to five-lobed, with one deeper slit but without an expanded lip; anther apical appendages rounded to apiculate, tails slightly to long-papillose; style bilobed, branches dorsally papillose.
The tendrils grow near the fruit and the leaves appear five-lobed.
Anyone who hikes in Southern California has encountered this massive tendriled plant with the vining growth habit, five-lobed leaves and spiny, melonlike fruits.
They are composed of a five-lobed corolla with a constricted tip, and five small teeth that flare out from the lobes.
90 for 10 seeds), from Dobies The screaming scarlet bloom flowers in June to October and is followed by small blue fruits - and even the pale green five-lobed leaves are pretty so there's something worth looking at all year.
Florets isomorphic, bisexual, corolla ligulate, limb deeply five-lobed, with one deeper split and unilateral lobes; anther apical appendages apiculate, tails papillose; style bilobed, branches dorsally papillose.
In the common elder, flowers are tiny five-lobed blossoms that are up to 1/6" wide and fragrant.
Florets isomorphic, bisexual, corolla actinomorphic, tubular-campanulate, deeply five-lobed, lobes coiled; anthers exserted, apical appendages short-acuminate, tails smooth, free to often connate with the tails of adjacent stamens; style bilobed, dorsally papillose much below the bifurcation point.