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the quality of being suitable

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Each choice and move can be assessed for a kind of appropriateness or fittingness relative to the standard.
fittingness of the parts--although, in his case, those properties were
This is the danger of an approach like John McDowell's in Mind and World, which posits the fit between concept and world without specifying the form of its fittingness; we are led to believe the relation of concept to reality is "one size fits all." (91) Likewise, Pippin's similar contention that the inseparability of concept and intuition accounts for the relation of concept and reality seems to make the reconciliation between them a matter of course, even trivial.
The exercise of prudence, traditionally understood through the context in which it was to be applied--for instance, the domestic sphere or the sphere of governance--must today match the reach of our power of influence through technologies, not just to determine the fittingness of our future actions, but to judge the harm or goodness caused by our ongoing application and creation of ever more sophisticated technological extensions of ourselves.
The work of Ong, Fisher, and Brizendine supports the fittingness of males for this role.
The fittingness of the hat is related to the hat wearer's particular head size.
Shi, "A centralized framework for smart access point selection based on the Fittingness Factor," in Proceedings of the 23rd International Conference on Telecommunications (ICT '16), pp.
Lonergan answers, "not a mere absence of internal incoherence, not an absolute necessity, not even a conditional necessity, but the positive fittingness or appropriateness actually found in revelation and tradition as ordained and willed by divine wisdom and divine goodness."
De Ordine starts from variation and disorder in nature and attempts to explain the "integral fittingness" latent in the world's structure (p.
Tolkien insists on the fittingness of the dragon as a worthy opponent for Beowulf: "But for the universal significance which is given to the fortunes of his hero it is an enhancement and not a distraction [...] that his final foe should be [...] a dragon: a thing made by imagination for just such a purpose.
* Fittingness occurs when study findings are similar to what would happen in other contexts.
While the doctrine of creation from nothing affirms that God was under no compulsion to create, the affirmation that the Creator is Triune God, who is intrinsically living, productive, and present, allows one to see that there is a certain fittingness to God's creative work, which helps to counter charges of divine arbitrariness and divine determinacy.