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in an appropriate manner

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The resulting volume has been carefully edited and beautifully produced, fittingly enough, by the MIT Press.
Charlie, star of the Ground Force gardening series, cast her expert gaze over thousands of plants and took the wraps off the new bloom, fittingly called Charlie's Rose.
Quite fittingly for the period in which we find ourselves presently, she asks, "How does our eschatology form our liturgy?
Fittingly, Graham Thorpe hit the wiining runs after he and Graeme Hick revived England's chances with a fourth wicket stand of 105.
Fittingly, the authors are natives of Wallace's home state of Iowa, former U.
That's the theme of this year's Cheers Beverage Conference cocktail party, but it also fittingly applies to the new Omni Hotel Martini menu, which features an array of stuffed olives which are offered with the various Martini-like concoctions.
In the midst of wrangling about its competitive practices, Carso's Slim Held somewhat fittingly joined forces with Bill Gates.
BILL Clinton fittingly wore a brightly- coloured friendship band as he sat engrossed in conversation with his close mate, singer Sheryl Crow.
Instead, the story is endlessly optimistic, so much so that the 25-year-old now uses his story to inspire others, working as a motivational speaker who fittingly has been featured on Oprah.
How wonderful to see a bronze bust of the late, great Ginger McCain - which, fittingly, overlooks the winner's enclosure - being unveiled by his wife, Beryl, and son, Donald.
RATHER fittingly the chracteristics of the old Lord's wicket were banished the last time New Zealand played there in 2004.
Fittingly, when designing this modest house on a typically cramped Tokyo site, the architect chose to create Fuji in microcosm: an unreachable subject of contemplation.
Fittingly, his shop was in Cowbridge, the Vale of Glamorgan market town which has since garnered a reputation as a magnet for the kind of upmarket shoppers drawn to fair trade and eco-friendly goods.
Fittingly, Time Steps echoes the message of A Chorus Line: McKechnie is part of a line of dedicated and talented co-workers, in space and in time.
In March a Senate committee approved Clinton's bill authorizing government-funded research on "the effects of viewing and using electronic media, including television, computers, video games, and the Internet, on children's cognitive, social, physical, and psychological development" Fittingly, since Clinton likens these diversions to a plague, the research would be overseen by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).