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Synonyms for fitter

someone who fits a garment to a particular person

improved in health or physical condition


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The fitter, from Paisley, scaled the dizzying 4,408ft climb to buy Nicola, who suffers from a rare condition that makes her bones fuse together, a new pounds 8,000 custom-built wheelchair.
I firmly believe the players will be as fit, or fitter, than they have ever been when the season starts.
Specifically, the application will enable club fitters to map club head speed and acceleration throughout the swing, which taken together constitute a golfer's swing signature.
I wish I'dmet Kerry years ago because I'venever felt fitter.
Rory said:"To be invited to this show is the ultimate accolade for a carpet fitter.
Applications are invited for provision of Boiler Attendant, Mill House Fitter, Centrifugal Mechanic,Centrifugal Fitter,Electrician,Instrument Mechanic ,Khalasi,Hammer Man ,Helper to Boiling House
A SELF-EMPLOYED tyre fitter from County Durham has been recognised by Dragons' Den star Theo Paphitis as part of the retail entrepreneur's Small Business Sunday competition.
Using QuantumDigital's NeighborMail home services solution, Bath Fitter is able to quickly-execute direct mail around current & past job sites, target homes of similar age and value, and personalize individual mailers for each neighbor.
Practice - the more you exercise to make you fitter, the fitter you will become, simple as that.
The end goal would be to establish a "European certificate", which workers would have to obtain in order to work as a qualified tower crane driver or fitter.
CHRIS COLEMAN has told Darcy Blake to get fitter - or risk throwing away his promising career.
com)-- Consumer investigative reporter and CEO, Dale Cardwell, of TrustDale, announced today the selection of Bath Fitter as the newest recommended provider for tubs and showers.
The aim of the campaign is to get NHS staff in Wales to lead by example and get themselves fitter.
A healthy and fit woman makes for a healthy and a fitter home and a fitter home leads to a fitter society.
EIGHT North East businesses have been given grants of between pounds 500 and pounds 5,000 to help their staff get fitter and healthier.