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Synonyms for fitter

someone who fits a garment to a particular person

improved in health or physical condition


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"One of the advantages of working with QA is that it trains its fitters to do a variety of jobs.
Dad Robert, who now works for the Home and Floor Store run by his wife Paula and sister Louise Jamieson, said family and friends thought he was"off my head" for trying to become the fastest carpet fitter in the world.
In his introduction, Fitter outlines an argument for plebeian power, from Erasmus's treatise outlining the sway of the populace and Machiavelli's caution against antagonising the sleeping masses, to the incensed commoners responsible for placing Mary on the throne in 1553.
She said: "The fitters turned up at around 8.30am on February 5, as promised.
Carpet fitter Ben Coates realised he had lost the only set of keys to the vehicle while he was laying lino at Carol Appleby's house in Newcastle on Thursday.
MORE than half of the work carried out by illegal gas fitters in Newcastle turned out to be unsafe, alarming figures have revealed.
Jonathan Samuel, chief executive at Gas Safe Register, said: "Far too many people are letting unregistered gas fitters into their home and putting their families at risk.
"Maybe you have the feeling we've trained for three weeks with Daniel and say every day, 'more, more, more and more' and then he's fitter, fitter and fitter and then in the end I say, 'but no, I'll wait' - it's not like this," said Klopp.
"The entire idea behind the re-design was to make the valves more intuitive for the average fitter who may or may not have used the products before," said Daniel Wake, Victaulic product manager for sprinklers and fire protection devices.
Watters was a carpet fitter to trade and that's probably the only time you'll find the word "fitter" and his name in the same sentence.
Practice - the more you exercise to make you fitter, the fitter you will become, simple as that.
The end goal would be to establish a "European certificate", which workers would have to obtain in order to work as a qualified tower crane driver or fitter.
Atlanta, GA, December 31, 2012 --( Consumer investigative reporter and CEO, Dale Cardwell, of TrustDale, announced today the selection of Bath Fitter as the newest recommended provider for tubs and showers.