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a sheet (usually with elastic edges) tailored to fit a particular mattress

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Make your bed using the flat sheet for the fitted sheet and vice versa.
SAVE: PS13 Woodland Wishes |Five Piece Cot Bed Set (coverlet, bumper, fitted sheet, flat sheet and blanket)
SAVE: PS5.45 Woodland Wishes |Five Piece Cot Bed Set (coverlet, bumper, fitted sheet, flat sheet and blanket)
Miner had experience working with textiles, as she owned a custom draperies company, so she created a fitted sheet with an opening at the top that was lined with Velcro, as well as a padded sheet with Velcro for quick changes.
* Infants should sleep in a crib or bassinet with a firm mattress covered by a fitted sheet with no other bedding or soft objects.
They include always placing a baby on its back to sleep; using a firm sleep surface covered by a fitted sheet; not having the baby sleep in the parents' bed; removing soft objects such as pillows, toys and quilts from a baby's bed; and eliminating all smoking during pregnancy, which doctors estimate would prevent a third of SIDS deaths.
The special fitted sheet was specifically developed to assist in the prevention of the occurrence of bed sores.
NAVIGATING FITTED SHEETS How can I tell the difference between the ends and sides of a fitted sheet?
But when we bought new mattresses none of my old, wonderful sheets fit, and I had a difficult time finding a fitted sheet deep enough.
Each of these linen sets made of the 'Queen of fibres', consists of a flat sheet, fitted sheet and pillow cases.
The company is also showcasing an expansion to its Seersucker collection, in the form of a fitted sheet with a durable and puckered weave.
"In addition, the package was exceptionally appealing; a whole set is made up of the duvee cover, flat sheet, fitted sheet and pillow cases."
This disposable patent repositioning sheet is usually applied above the fitted sheet and below the draw sheet, but can be used in place of the draw sheet.
The girl's room was Spartan with bare walls, a bureau, a single bed with one fitted sheet and a single blanket.