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Synonyms for fitted





Synonyms for fitted

satisfying certain requirements, as for selection

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As with linear models and multicollinearity, concurvity leads to variance inflation for the fitted parameters in a GAM.
A plot of the fitted temperature profiles for a spot 13 mm away from the laser heating spot in a direction perpendicular to the fibers is shown in Fig.
On other sections of the line where wiring looms are fitted behind the dashboard, the installation of an infra-red heating system, designed and built by Heraeus, had significantly improved the pliability of the looms and Jaguar decided to contact the Bromborough company to investigate the possibilities of infra-red heating in this application.
Transfer the mousse to a pastry bag fitted with a small round tip and set aside.
The Modart Company's course included a section on "The Anatomical Requirements of a Corset," which explained a medical condition called "ptosis." Modart claimed that most women suffered from ptosis, "a loss in muscles of the power to contract." However, while improperly fitted corsets caused ptosis, properly fitted corsets were needed to arrest its development.
The barrel hood is larger than the breech-face opening and must be fitted. When filing, be certain of having 0.003" clearance on each side and that the hood remains parallel to the breech-face sidewalls.
more than 100,000 children are involved in crashes where it is crucial how well the child seat is fitted. Most children receive little more than a jolt or a shock, but 10,000 are hurt, with 670 seriously injured and 30 killed.
Overall, any time you see a football player grab his faceguard and zip his helmet off, you've got a helmet that probably has not been fitted properly.
Subsequent pairs should be properly fitted to ensure correct sizing.
The Glider hooking mechanism allows the mask to be easily fitted and removed and prevents the need for constant strap readjustment.
An international group of 20 surface analysts fitted variations of Gaussian or Gaussian-Lorentzian functions to the doublets.
In the meantime, they are only to be fitted on request by tenants who feel they are vulnerable without them.
After the torso if fitted correctly, pin-fit the sleeve to the garment and adjust the angle of the sleeve to match the body and determine the desired comfort.
If you pad to avoid friction, the shoe has not been properly fitted and the foot cannot work through the pleats." Moleskin padding between the toes, however, does not interfere with the expansion of the pleats on the bottom of the shoe or constrict the foot as the dancer rises through demi-pointe to pointe.
Many pattern companies developed their basic pattern shapes and sizing decades ago and fitted them to those smaller standard body types.