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Synonyms for fitted





Synonyms for fitted

satisfying certain requirements, as for selection

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As with linear models and multicollinearity, concurvity leads to variance inflation for the fitted parameters in a GAM.
A plot of the fitted temperature profiles for a spot 13 mm away from the laser heating spot in a direction perpendicular to the fibers is shown in Fig.
Juniors and slender women can buy garments any place at any price, but the larger woman, when correctly fitted, is everlastingly grateful and becomes a loyal repeat customer.
PHOTO (1 -- 2) Special contact lenses that change the look of your eyes are all the rage this Halloween, but it's important to have them professionally fitted to avoid complications.
Now we're offering our extremely popular Fitted fabric-wrapped hard shell cases to style-minded MacBook Pro users," said Speck CEO Irene Baran.
An international group of 20 surface analysts fitted variations of Gaussian or Gaussian-Lorentzian functions to the doublets.
To prevent them, wear comfortable, properly fitted shoes.
If you pad to avoid friction, the shoe has not been properly fitted and the foot cannot work through the pleats.
The same pattern sewn in different fabrics will fit L differently, so it might be necessary to modify how you fitted a test garment when changing fabrics.