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Synonyms for fitfulness

the quality of being spasmodic and irregular

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As the characteristic of fitfulness in line icing, the simulations were carried out during the same icing process or different process for testing the precision and robustness of the model.
Following previous decisions means that like cases will be resolved in like manner, promoting "faith in the even-handed administration of justice" (127) and guarding against "prejudice or favor or even arbitrary whim or fitfulness." (128) Adherence to precedent increases the predictability of legal outcomes and protects those who rely on judicial pronouncements, promoting the rule of law.
We are in truth sculptors in snow, we educators, but, thank God, we are sometimes aided by that wild fitfulness which is called "hazard," "contingency," and the indeterminacy which Dewey labeled "thinking." If the mind is indigenous and integral to nature itself in its unfolding, and operates in nature's ways and under nature's laws, we must seek to understand this creative aspect of nature in its implications for the human mind.
Mercifully, his floundering took place out of public view, as newspapers and magazines had swiftly lost interest in him." Stross goes on to relate how "a book about prominent New Yorkers which appeared that year (1884) noted how swiftly his public image had flipped, from that of a prodigy to a failure, an illustration of 'the fitfulness of the fever of fame'" (pp.