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She leant upon the rail and looked over the troubled grey waters, where the sunlight was fitfully scattered upon the crests of the waves, until she was cold and absolutely calm again.
Cunningham, the woman whom her hostess had referred to as being her particular friend, and one who shared her passion for entertaining, chatted fitfully to her neighbour, Major Thomson.
Now and again I fitfully slept, but the pain of the cold always aroused me.
In a large and lofty building, supported by pillars of iron, with great black apertures in the upper walls, open to the external air; echoing to the roof with the beating of hammers and roar of furnaces, mingled with the hissing of red-hot metal plunged in water, and a hundred strange unearthly noises never heard elsewhere; in this gloomy place, moving like demons among the flame and smoke, dimly and fitfully seen, flushed and tormented by the burning fires, and wielding great weapons, a faulty blow from any one of which must have crushed some workman's skull, a number of men laboured like giants.
Jumanji: Welcome To The Jungle is less than the sum of its fitfully entertaining parts.
THE Hitman's Bodyguard is a fitfully entertaining, testosterone-saturated romp that orchestrates mayhem around the fractious on-screen chemistry of its two leads.
The ensemble cast, including One Direction heart-throb Harry Styles, are excellent DVD PS19.99/Blu-ray PS26.99 HITMAN'S BODYGUARD 15 A FITFULLY entertaining romp that borrows the premise of the 1977 Clint Eastwood thriller The Gauntlet and orchestrates mayhem around the on-screen chemistry of its two leads.
investors and companies and the strength of our markets." The statement was issued two weeks before she planned to step down, but was intended to pave the way for her successor to resume work on an issue that has proceeded fitfully through the rulemaking process for decades.
Maradona coached fitfully and without much success.
WAYF is a bit like a more dramatic version of Entourage but it's a fitfully amusing drama - plus a step in the right direction for Efron.
Zac Efron is a DJ |out to hit the big time We Are Your Friends comes across like a somewhat more dramatic version of Entourage and, while there's never any doubt where it's all heading, it's a fitfully amusing drama.
It should be of great concern in the West that Bulgaria is one of Russian President Vladimir Putin's targets as he is trying to "reassemble as much of the former Soviet Union as he can," the WSJ said on Sunday.Bulgaria has moved "fitfully" toward democratization and a free market and has held decisive elections over the past decades, but Russia is now "working hard to take over the country," an article published by the Wall Street Journal and authored by Gary MacDougal reads.
Though the sexes are switched, and artistic embellishments reinforce the story's fictional nature, few will fail to recognize autobiographical elements involving a filmmaker with on-set issues coping fitfully with her mom's fatal illness.
He said he hasn't done the full role in 15 years and is working on a sequel ''fitfully.''
Ozil, 25, joined Arsenal from Real Madrid a year ago in a club-record Au42 million ($69.7 million, 31.1 million euros) transfer, but he shone only fitfully in his first season at the Emirates Stadium.