fit the bill

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be what is needed or be good enough for what is required

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Hiked a further 8lb after that success, Fit The Bill was hardly disgraced in finishing second at Windsor off his revised rating and while the handicapper has eked him up another 1lb for that run, he should still be competitive.
"Last year the signings didn't fit the bill for me in terms of what United are and the philosophy.
On this criterion too, she does not fit the bill to be caretaker PM.
A planning application to turn the same property into a hostel for homeless young people would appear to fit the bill. But it is also being opposed by the residents, who are worried about lack of supervision of their prospective neighbours.
But manmade objects can also fit the bill. Take the National Agricultural Statistics Service (NASS) website, which created Stanley Stat, an animated graph who, along with his ambiguous love interest, PieChart Pam, exhorts kids to learn more about, well, agricultural statistics.
The researchers discovered one set of mutants that fit the bill. The mutations occurred in a gene called DAF-18, which in mammals goes by the name PTEN.
Certainly the songs fit the bill, with This Is Us sitting on the shoulders of a married couple looking through their photo album and recalling past laughter and tears.
According to Ghanaian philosopher Kwame Anthony Appiah, art made in Africa since the end of colonialism is not necessarily postcolonial, but most of the works in "Africa Remix: Contemporary Art of a Continent," shown this summer in Paris following appearances in Dusseldorf and London, fit the bill. For Appiah, that prefix post- indicates not merely a temporal, historical division, but also an inherent critique of the hierarchical power structures of colonialism, much as postmodernism critiques and subverts the grand illusions and metanarratives of modernism.
That said, companies such as McDavid, Mueller Sports Medicine, and Cramer Sports Medicine have introduced a plethora of new sports medicine items that fit the bill.
But jail then supervision when they come out doesn't seem to fit the bill.
The study will look at service models, ideal scheduling, what type of cars would best fit the bill and who could run the show.
"FOOD" IS A WORD open to liberal interpretation, and very few carbon-based items fail to fit the bill.