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hollow and tube-shaped like a reed

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Placement of fully covered metallic stents for this kind of fistulous tract is well recommended for adults but placement of such stents in kids is very rare in practice because of the technical difficulties underlying the procedure," said Dr.
2],[3] MRI is especially useful in patients with fistulas associated with Crohn disease and those with recurrent fistulas, [4] as these entities are associated with branching fistulous tracts.
The mass was excised along with the entire fistulous tract and sent for histopathology, which revealed only granulation tissue without any evidence of malignancy.
Very few surgeons go with complete excision of fistulous tract and even smaller number use the technique of primary repair after fistulectomy due to fear of infection and recurrence.
After excising the fistulous tract, the first layer sutured is the bladder mucosa, followed by the detrusor and/or prevesical or endopelvic fascia, and the third or fourth layer incorporates vaginal epithelium.
Minor complications included ileus, peristomal infection, stomal leakage, buried bumper, gastric ulcer, fistulous tract, inadvertent tube removal, and tube malfunction.
The lesion is characterized by the formation of serious granulomatous, granulocytic, prominent and raised ulceration with irregular edges and in the shape of a crater, the size of the lesions depends on the site and time of evolution of the infection and can measure between 12 and 50 cm in diameter, with the presence of fistulous paths or cavitations formed by the oomycete in its invasive process in the granular tissue.
Lateral survey radiograph of cervical region confirmed presence of fistulous tract connecting the skin and oesophagus (Fig.
QUIXOTIC A Extravagantly romantic B Shaking with fright C Fistulous sore on a horse's hoof who am I?
A barium swallow esophagogram revealed a fistulous tract from the piriform sinus to a right fourth branchial cleft cyst (figure 1, B).
Though she had a previous caesarean section, there was no evidence of fistulous opening between the endometrial cavity and the retroperitoneal space.
Eisenhammer used the terms "acute" and "chronic" anorectal fistulous abscess because the origin of the fistula was the end result of the acute untreated abscess.
It demonstrated a presacral mass, sickle-shaped sacral defect, coccyx agenesis, and a fistulous tract between the sacral canal and the anal canal (Figure 3).
With her intubated, ventilated and deeply sedated I performed bronchoscopy upon arrival to the MICU and documented the expected tracheo-enteric fistulous communication located near the carina.
Two of them were treated with the diagnosis of fistulous sinus pilonidalis, whereas pyodermia and perianal arborized fistula was set as a diagnosis in 3 and 1 patient, respectively.