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hollow and tube-shaped like a reed

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In retrospect, the fistulous connection can be seen on CT, although its appearance is very subtle (Figures 3A-I).
Computed tomography demonstrated an elliptical cyst-like mass at the level of the soft palate, with a fistulous tract traveling anterior to the carotid arteries and opening anteriorly to the right sternocleidomastoid muscle.
In a series of 11 patients with fistulous AVM, Krings et al reported that ten AVM were completely occluded, four requiring multiple procedures and there were no procedure related complications (57).
Fistulous connections from the caecum to the abscess cavity may be demonstrated in a significant proportion of patients; however, in the vast majority, this connection closes within 2 weeks.
The mindful practitioner will note that the use of negative pressure to the chest tube may increase flow through the fistulous tract and interfere with closure and healing.
A barium swallow performed on the 12th hospital day demonstrated a fistulous communication between the mid-esophagus and the right main bronchus (Fig.
However, gynecologists can manage genital inflammation with injections of intralesional steroids, and, when necessary excise fistulous tracts.
In 41 patients with fistulous Crohn's disease, response rates were similar, but the nonsmokers' median duration of response of 6 months was significantly longer than the smokers' 3 months (Gastroenterology 123[3]:707-13, 2002).
The device is jam-packed with several tens of thousands of tiny fistulous filaments that serve as blood filters.
The presence of air within the mass and its close proximity to bowel raised the suspicion for a fistulous tract formation.
2] If the kidney is functioning, and the contralateral kidney has a reduced functional capacity, removal of the fistulous tract and reanastomosis of the ureter should be considered.
Moreover, the fistulous opening usuallybecomes coated with epithelium, thus further preventing fistula closure.
Closure of the fistulous opening was eventually achieved by means of interrupted absorbable sutures, which transfixed the entire thickness of the bowel wall.
In cases when standard retrograde transvenous access is not possible or when the arterial anatomy allows for close microcatheter approximation to the site of fistulous connection, coils or liquid embolic agents can be placed transarterially for ablation of the fistula (1-4).