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Synonyms for fistfight

a physical conflict involving two or more

Synonyms for fistfight

a fight with bare fists

fight with the fists

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The young actor even reportedly challenged the policemen into a fistfight.
In indicting Tanto for murder, the DOJ gave weight to the testimony of witness Bryan Yu, who saw Tanto shooting Garalde several times at close range after their fistfight, and CCTV recording of the incident that was submitted by the barangay where the incident took place.
The driver punched the other and fistfight ensued and was almost unstoppable.
Riyadh's initial claim of Khashoggi dying in a fistfight has been met with criticism, including from US senators who believe Saudi Crown Prince Mohammad bin Salman ordered the journalist to be killed.
After 18 days, Saudi Arabia: Honestly, Khashoggi died inside the consulate after a fistfight. The Council of Senior Scholars: This is justice and equality.
The journalist died after a fistfight at the consulate in Istanbul
Discussions between the suspect and Khashoggi "developed in a negative manner resulting in a quarrel and a fistfight ...
Suspect Duyen, a teacher at the Ranneh Elementary School in Tappita, further explains that when there was no way to get his money, he accused the deceased of gambling the money, something, he claims led the late Kollie to waste palm wine on him, which resulted to a fistfight.
Add that to the mix and it's a recipe for a fistfight."
He is accused of getting into a fistfight with a friend over Cubs vs.
Rule 19 wasn't added until 1902, when a fistfight broke out between two senators.
However, the tone of the coverage has been such that come 2.30pm this afternoon, if I haven't watched a seven-goal thriller with at least one mass brawl and several sendings-off and the two managers having an out-and-out fistfight having discarded their Armani and Hugo Boss jackets, I'll feel a little bit cheated to be honest.
a scuffle turned fistfight erupted between Jihad al-Souri and Mansour al-Shami.
Halleran is the story of Frank Burdick who came home to the Big Hole Basin as a freshly graduated doctor intending to set up in the practice of medicine only to be held up at gunpoint on his very first day, involved in a three-way fistfight, and to discover that his uncle had been murdered.
More propulsive than many a car chase and as bone-crunching as any chopsocky fistfight, the professional bicycle races that drive Dante Lam's "To the Fore" rep a feat of action choreography and virtuoso lensing seldom seen in a Hong Kong sports movie.