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Synonyms for fissure

Synonyms for fissure

a usually narrow partial opening caused by splitting and rupture

to undergo partial breaking

Synonyms for fissure

a long narrow depression in a surface

(anatomy) a long narrow slit or groove that divides an organ into lobes

break into fissures or fine cracks

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Although many researchers have studied largely the blast-induced crack propagation law in fissured rock mass, they mostly studied the influence of single variable on crack propagation, such as stress wave incident angles [14, 16, 17] and fillings [5].
School Zone Fine Fissured ceilings by Armstrong World Industries Inc.
Fissured kernels may break during the milling process and could reduce head rice yield.
She introduces the term 'fissured flesh' without explanation (6), and when she does begin to explain it (19, in relation to Augustine's thinking about the corrupted flesh), she fails to specify its exact source (the references to discussion by Peter Brown and Augustine are too broad to help here, and they contain errors).