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reproducing by fission

having separated or advocating separation from another entity or policy or attitude

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It is as vehicles to restrict the rancor and fissiparousness of the fourth and fifth centuries that these two texts were conceived--they or something like them were needed to solve the divisiveness of intra-Muslim polemic and bring together at least some of the hyper-Sunni Hanbalis, the Shafi'is, the hadith-suspicious Hanafis, and those inclined to even more speculative theological approaches to Islam.
Finally, the main significance of the recent war in Iraq in this context is the fact that it long formed a crucial part of a project to counteract the kind of fissiparousness associated with globalization by militarily ratcheting up the United States into a hegemonic empire.
(23) Protestants' fissiparousness increased the range of their diversity.
It is ironical that international bodies became vociferous about the necessity of protecting human rights in all countries and improving labour standards precisely in a period when many Third World countries have suffered so much from economic dislocation, rising criminality, ethnic fissiparousness and fundamentalism of one kind or other (UNRISD 1995).
The interest and significance of the work lie partly in the illustration of the perennial fissiparousness besetting communities separated from the main body, partly in the inherent difficulty of the central problem, namely how to state a doctrine of the Trinity averting pluralism and not ending in unitarianism.