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Synonyms for fissiparous

reproducing by fission

having separated or advocating separation from another entity or policy or attitude

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The fissiparous and centrifugal forces unleashed by these developments have obscured our national narrative.
It is a moot question if this will, in the immediate future, provide just that spark which is needed to knit together the fissiparous and ideologically contradictory parties and bring their egoistical and usually short-sighted leaders into acting in concert to challenge Prime Minister Modi.
The movements they try to unite are notoriously fissiparous and undisciplined.
Hope springs eternal in the starfish gonad: preserved potential for sexual reproduction in a single-clone population of a fissiparous starfish.
His quick clarification punctured the suddenly revived aspirations of the fissiparous forces and irredentist ambitions that had been buried by the resolution of the tricky issue of provincial autonomy in the 1973 Constitution and 18th Amendment.
Pakistan has not much to gain by abetting terrorist activity in Afghanistan for the simple reason that it can ill afford imminent retaliation as it is already grappling with indigenous fissiparous forces.
Rusher was for many years the director of political operations not only for the magazine itself but for its fissiparous offshoots that provided both structure and filigree to the conservative movement.
The minister observed that the emergence of fissiparous tendencies in the society and the narratives of religious extremism and terrorism over the last 35 years were undoubtedly the disastrous consequences of the absence of a powerful medium like films to help in the development of a credible and effective counter-narrative.
It would have been a lot better for everyone if the excellent Belgian plan to train Congolese gradually had been started a century before they turned over the government to an untrained and politically fissiparous Congolese government.
Artificial borders will crumble and become more fissiparous, leaving only rivers, deserts, mountains, and other enduring facts of geography.
Fissiparity is a frequent and interesting mode of asexual reproduction that is widespread in freshwater planarians that have no sexual apparatus; hence the term, fissiparous. The acquisition of fissiparity in some species is not necessarily linked to the number or arrangement of chromosomes, as in the case of the model species Schmidtea mediterranea, which has 4 chromosomes and incurs translocations from the first to the third pair (De Vries, 1984; Ribas, 1990; Baguna et al., 1999).
In contrast to the Islamic State's hegemony over the Sunni areas it controls and its fierce determination to defend the most critical city in its caliphate, Iraq's highly fissiparous military and militia landscape maintains a common enemy but not a common cause.
Still a third person came, used the word "fissiparous." He said that there were fissiparous tendencies in the country that should be stopped.
Margaret Thatcher, the Grantham Methodist, intent on restoring Christian values to Britain, is thus depicted as a tragic victim of her own economic reforms, whose fissiparous and materialistic impact has since turned Britain into a godless wasteland.