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reproduction of some multicellular organisms by division, as in the case of some starfish

the tendency to break into parts

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Purwati, "Fissiparity in Holothuria leucospilota from tropical Darwin waters, northen Australia," SPC Beche-de-Mer Information Bulletin, vol.
The open spirituality, fissiparity, flexibility, and practicality that frame Pentecostal ecclesiology are both its strength and its weakness.
It was famous for its tradition of "dissent," and, indeed, of fissiparity. Thomas Manningham, bishop of Chichester observed in 1718 that Lewes was "miserably overrun" with Dissenters (84).
Fissiparity, asexual reproduction in which an individual divides in two and regenerates missing parts, occurs in 34 of the 2,000 species of brittle star (Emson & Wilkie 1980).
Against this fissiparity, he recommends a better understanding and application of communion.