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capable of undergoing nuclear fission

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Note that during the implosion explosion of the shell of these brisant chemical EM which creates pressure in the hundreds of thousands of atmospheres in the central part of the bomb, a decrease in the diameter of the spherical plutonium charge (the <<core>> of the bomb) occurred 2.5 times, which led to an increase to five times taking into account the mass loss due to the evaporation of fissionable nuclear material) of the density of weapons-grade plutonium [94.sup.239]Pu and to the appearance in it of a corresponding decrease in its critical mass, up to five critical masses [6, 7, 11].
Octogen (HMX) is used exclusively for military purposes to implode fissionable ...
Some 331 kilograms (730 pounds) of the highly fissionable material will come from Japan by the end of March 2016, according to Kyodo News.
The programme was closed by the US government because, at that time, it needed the big advantage of solid-fuelled reactors--a source of weapons-grade fissionable material.
US intelligence estimated that North Korea had enough fissionable materials for 2 to 8 bombs, which could also be the nuclear potential each of Israel, South Korea, and Taiwan.
The bomb, containing fissionable uranium from the atomic factories of the secret Manhattan Project city of Oak Ridge, caused massive devastation to Hiroshima and its residents.
Some Republican war hawks are ready to go to war with Iran because KBR/Halliburton gave them fissionable materials and equipment.
The mere fact that it had extracted fissionable material for its first nuclear bomb testing in 1974 from its Cirus reactor was enough to condemn and punish India.
Furthermore, reactor fuels are almost 30-90 times dilute in fissionable isotopes to cause an explosive effect identical to an atomic bomb.
When the team determined that one isotope, Pu-239, had fissionable properties that would make it usable in atomic weapons, Seaborg was recruited to join the Manhattan Project.
In 1946 the Congress felt that the Government must retain ownership of both fissionable material and of the facilities, like reactors, which produce that material in significant quantities.
Scintillators help identify and differentiate fissionable nuclear materials from benign radioactive sources.
In particular, the NPT does not clearly map out how such steps should be ordered because in Article 3(1) it forces only the non-nuclear weapons states (NNWS), but not the nuclear weapons states (NWS), to sign a safeguards agreement with the IAEA on all their "peaceful" activities using source and special fissionable materials.
Caesium-137, or radiocaesium, is a radioactive isotope of Caesium formed as one of the more common fission products by the nuclear fission of Uranium-235 and other fissionable isotopes in nuclear reactors and nuclear weapons.