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a nuclear weapon in which enormous energy is released by nuclear fission (splitting the nuclei of a heavy element like uranium 235 or plutonium 239)

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Strangely, Compton's story omitted any reference to the H-bomb as such, and of the fact that it had threatened to distract the seminar from its primary purpose: working out the physics of the fission bomb. Nor did Compton allude to Teller's role in bringing about this shift of focus, a role in which he would grow only more contentious when the project got down to cases at Los Alamos.
IT HAS long been known that Russian scientists began to think about a hydrogen bomb almost as early as did Teller and that by the end of 1948 they had the basis for a design, having arrived independently at the idea that a fission bomb could be used to trigger a thermonuclear explosion.
Into the container you put a fission bomb. When it explodes, you hope that it generates enough heat to cause the fusion.
For instance, Taylor's "crude fission bomb" would almost certainly be one of the old gun-triggered weapons, a design that at best is capable of no more than about 15 kilotons of explosive power.
The Soviets tested a fission bomb in 1949 and a fusion hydrogen bomb in 1954.
This utilised X-Rays from a fission bomb to detonate a deuterium-tritium mixture derived from lithium-6 deuteride.
Szilard shared with Klein not only the story of his own cancer, but also his greatest tragedy: the burden of his decision to make the United States the only possessor of the fission bomb, a decision he desperately tried to reverse when the danger of the Nazis possessing it ended.
It would, for example, eclipse the yield of the fission bomb that destroyed Hiroshima in 1945.
1908), persuaded Albert Einstein to send a letter to President Roosevelt, urging him to proceed with the development of a nuclear fission bomb so that Hitler would not get one first.
After all the technique has been around all this century because its lethal effect on micro-organisms was discovered early on, and after the development of the nuclear fission bomb during the Second World War much effort was put into checking the biological effects that might ensue from an atomic explosion.
The ( Yonhap report cited officials saying that the country has not ruled out the possibility of North Korea testing a boosted fission bomb though the effect of such a bomb is much less than that of a hydrogen bomb.
He has also pointed to the fact that the shaft with the hydrogen bomb device had remained intact, in contrast to the fission bomb, one which had produced a crater some 35m wide.
MAUD Committee is formed, headed by Sir Henry Tizard, to work out the basic principles of fission bomb design.
In the United States, President Roosevelt signed a secret order on December 6, 1941, that ordered the start of the so-called Manhattan Project to develop a nuclear fission bomb. On December 7, Japan attacked Pearl Harbor.
It is also possible that North Korea is using a "boosted" nuclear weapon, which involves a small amount of fusion to amplify the explosive capability of a fission bomb. According to Bruce Bennett, a senior defense analyst at the RAND Corporation, this kind of weapon can have a yield of up to 50 kilotons.