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Synonyms for fission

Synonyms for fission

reproduction of some unicellular organisms by division of the cell into two more or less equal parts

a nuclear reaction in which a massive nucleus splits into smaller nuclei with the simultaneous release of energy

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In a study published this month in Nature Chemistry, the team details the design of organic molecules that are capable of generating two excitons per photon of light, a process called singlet fission. The excitons are produced rapidly and can live for much longer than those generated from their inorganic counterparts, which leads to an amplification of electricity generated per photon that is absorbed by a solar cell.
Forward looking statements contained in this press release may include statements regarding the future operating or financial performance of Fission and Fission Uranium which involve known and unknown risks and uncertainties which may not prove to be accurate.
The future plan of Fission is to add more exploration investment into these three areas and upgrade the indicated resources from the inferred level to the indicated level gradually.
Fusion, the process our Sun uses, is the opposite of fission. In nuclear fusion, two atoms combine to form a larger atom and this releases an extra neutron.
The small, lightweight system, according to the space agency, uses solid, cast uranium-235 as fuel, which undergoes fission reactions to generate heat and convert that into electricity.
"The computational method that we developed is very predictive, and we used it to understand singlet fission in a new way that may allow us to design materials even more efficient at harvesting light, for example."
More than 10% deviations occur in the fission power relative to nominal (P) of Cases B and D, with the range of 12.78%-17.90%, while the deviation range for Case A is < 0.48%.
Competing against nearly 2500 teams participating from different software firms, Fission Labs team members earned the title of 'World Class Techie'.
KEYWORDS: Nuclear fusion, Nuclear fission, Nuclear propulsion, Space exploration, Inertial Confinement Fusion, Lawson criterion, Rayleigh Taylor instability
Fission, which occurs in all commercial reactors nowadays, splits an atom in half, while fusion merges two atoms in one.
25 February 2015 - US-based broadcast television software provider Bitcentral has acquired US-based media and broadcast solutions provider Fission Software, Inc., the company said on Wednesday.
SuperGen Products' website operates on the Fission Web System, which contains built-in search engine optimization tools that have the potential to increase search engine ranking and improve visibility online.
Fission and fusion of subgroups were common, and the amount of fission-fusion dynamics varied across flock types and by fission-fusion dimension, but the amount of variation among dimensions was consistent across replicate captive social groups.
Apatite Fission Track analysis (AFTA) was used in order to understand the time-low-temperature evolution of crystalline rocks from studied area.
Seventy-five years ago, in February 1939, the first technical explanation for nuclear fission was published in the journal "Nature", heralding a new era of science with almost immediate ties to industrial, military, and civilian development.