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Synonyms for fissile

capable of undergoing nuclear fission

capable of being split or cleft or divided in the direction of the grain


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(v) Sandy laminations: presence of sedimentary sand layers which cut the schistosity planes and have a negative effect on fissility.
(ix) Rough cleavage: slate with poor fissility due to textural heterogeneity.
The fissility and the fine nature (Grain size) of the Enugu Shale as indicated by the field data suggest that Enugu Shale was deposited below the wave base, accumulated in relatively low energy environment i.e in a distal to proximal lagoon (Amaral and Pryor, 1974).
The mudstone is exceptionally difficult material to sample on account of its fissility, friability and the presence of vivianite, which is hygroscopic and decrepitates in moist air.
Planar bedding and considerably low aggregate hardness of argillaceous sedimentary rocks and fissility or foliation of metamorphic rocks rich in fine-grained mica and chlorite enable their easy milling or abrasion and disintegration to still thinner and finer flakes of phyllosilicates.