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Mr Fisk and partner Mandy Ball, 41, say locals are trying to drive them out after Ipswich Council spent PS36,000 on the conversion.
He announced himself with a polite "hello" to mum Sarah Fisk but when she replied he promptly swore back - with an accent straight from his previous home in Wales.
Basil the African grey parrot with owner Adam Fisk, from Bristol
Fisk has turned his highly inflammatory method of so-called journalism on Bahrain since the would-be revolution began.
Why is this so hard for people like Robert Fisk, Nic Robertson and Nick Kristof to understand?
According to Fisk, Bahrain is nothing but a Saudi colony that was "invaded" and is being controlled from Riyadh.
What is it about the GCC alliance that Fisk doesn't understand?
Set in the Edwardian era, Peter O'Toole is the curmudgeonly Horatio Fisk whose few pleasures left in life include belittling his well-meaning son Henslowe (Jeremy Northam).
Also at the meeting is eccentric vicar Dean Spanley (Sam Neill) whom Fisk Jnr decides to befriend, enticing him over for dinner with the promise of his favourite tipple, an extremely rare sweet wine.