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attractive East Indian palm having distinctive bipinnate foliage

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Different types of wilt symptoms were also observed in seedlings of fishtail palms during pathogenicity study.
Fishtail palm may also be infected by fungal pathogen like leaf spot disease caused by Alternaria species.
A fishtail palm, a traveler's palm, and a variegated Hawaiian banana (which has produced 140 fruits so far) have grown tall enough to touch the 21-foot-high ceiling.
Some of the more fantastic species to be found in the gardens of Balboa Park ( and the craggy hills and cliffs of southern California include the bottlebrush tree, with its oddly shaped garish flowers; the screw pine, with its fanlike topknots and spindly trunks; and the fishtail palm, with its gently nodding plumes.
At almost every step another variety was shaking its distinctive foliage in my direction - elephant palm (so called because the base of the trunk resembles an elephant's foot), bottle palm, fishtail palm, sugar palm, raffia palm and the tallipot palm, which grows for between 40 and 60 years, flowers and then dies.
Palms that will work well indoors are the Fishtail Palm (Caryota mitis), the Parlour Palm (Chameadorea elegans) and most of the Chameadoreas.
auropunctata disinfestation treatment of potted plants was evaluated by using naturally-infested fishtail palm Caryota mitis Lour.
Each of the 36 rooms is wonderfully private (hence the pants) and sandy pathways meander through the resort, marked out by stone walls and shaded by mangrove fan and fishtail palms.