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slow down by moving the tail sideways

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EMILIA CLARKE, 32 The Game of Thrones and Me Before You star presented an Academy Award in a shimmering, strapless, lavender, fishtail gown by Balmain.
Sharing a photo of her striking look on Instagram she enthused: "Got too much love for my Lottie fishtail dress from @fredafunk_ it is the most amazing fit and sucks you right chuffinnnnn in my darlings!!!" One fan commented: "You're so chuffing beautiful." Another wrote: "You look stunning babe a touch of Julia Roberts."
It's made of stretchy material - so you don't have to worry about the lace ripping easily - and has a sweeping fishtail hem.
She posted, "HALO BROW??(follow @hannahdoesmakeupp if u see this) lollll so me and @daisyamalie were talking about the fishtail brow trend & then we came up with this????
At 1 year after surgery, the absorption of the trochlear groove was observed on an anteroposterior view radiograph of the elbow and thus demonstrated a so-called "fishtail deformity." However, the patient did not complain of elbow pain, and the range of motion was not limited.
Fishtail Palms are prone to serious problems caused by insects and diseases, all of which decrease the production by 30%.Under high rainfall or overhead irrigation it is susceptible to damage caused by scale insects, spider mites, nutrient deficiencies and diseases like fungal leaf spots, bacterial leaf blights, lethal yellowing etc.
5 Use your fingers to gently pull on the fishtailed section--it'll make it thicker, looser and add a little more texture.
I decided to make three disconnected fishtails with rainbow colors because I want it to look like I have three beautiful bracelets stacked on my wrist when I'm wearing my watch.
Students arrange the bands on the loom in different color orders to create patterns such as the fishtail, double fishtail, railroad, triple single, diamond and starburst.
Sonakshi Sinha, however, dared to mix things up in a Gauri and Nainika fishtail gown in black and white with a mesh panel.
Dubai-based boutique agency Moloobhoy & Brown has created a brand film and soundtrack for the launch of Puma Fishtail Rides.
Flashlight between his lips, he crouches and searches the still pond, skimming the surface with the fishnet, interrogating lily with the sharp end of a fishtail. Termites flutter; crickets sound; through slanted jalousies I watch; he waits.
FISHTAIL plaits may be the hottest hair of the moment, but ideally you need long locks, whizz-kid fingers and a lot of concentration.