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a paste of fish or shellfish

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The magazine retaliated, ridiculing the financier as `Goldenballs' and `Sir Jimmy Fishpaste'.
Several old fishpaste tins filled with margarine and bootlace wicks, were lit by card-players and a few insatiable readers.
Its characteristic sweet musky odour (a bit like a combination of jasmine tea and fishpaste) probably serves to mark out an otter's range and helps to communicate with neighbouring animals;
You always allow the away team first go at the fishpaste sandwiches and sorry sausage rolls that makes up the apres-darts diet.
The line includes styling creams, styling waxes and gels with such names as Fishfingers, Fishpaste and Jellyfish, as well as a two-in-one thickening shampoo (Bigfish) and a combination hair and body wash (Sportfish).
SuperFish Fishglue matt styling gel and Fishpaste hardcore hold matt effect putty are RRP PS4.10.
Crowning a perfect day, my fishpaste and tomato bread had placed second - in a field of two!
"It's just," she faultered, picking her words carefully, "that when you come to clean your shoes tomorrow, you'll have to use fishpaste."