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someone who sells fish

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ADVENTUROUS: Clive Hemmings, a Coventry Market fishmonger with some sustainable fish including mackerel, coley, and Spanish sea bass
Developed using the expertise of Mitch Tonks, the award winning restaurateur and fishmonger, Young's Fishmonger's Choice consists of two unique, single-serve recipes: Prime fillet of Atlantic cod with roasted garlic, herbs and sun dried tomato (160g); and Prime fillet of Atlantic haddock in a mild chilli and lemon dressing (160g).
"We've got a right little Lord Fauntleroy here!" the lady fishmonger exclaimed to her assistant, before advising me sternly: "You'll eat them out of a plastic bag like everybody else, love."
As the car falls in the water, the fishmonger's son, Evian, arrives at the morgue to collect his father's things.
"All of us at have been anticipating this time when all our hard work comes together," said Ken Wheeler, chief marketing officer.
The WHO report said 19 other fishmongers were listed as possible contacts in the Uganda incident.
The shortage of fish in the lake has forced many fishmongers to quit the one-time booming business.
Owners Gary and Richard Boden talked to Rick about seafood and how the fishmonger supplies local restaurants with a massive range of fresh fish, shellfish, smoked fish, poultry and game.
This is wonderful news that we could have a fishmonger here again.
HE is the young, bubbly singing fishmonger who blew away coaches on The Voice last night.
Laybourne has worked closely with Fenwick as a consultant on the overall development but also leads the way with his new freshwater fish bar and fishmonger Saltwater Fish Co, as well as co-venture Ko Sai, a Pan Asian noodle bar, which had a "soft opening" on Tuesday then launched properly to the public on Wednesday.
The double catch of the day - jointly weighing over ten stone and measuring six feet each - were landed for city fishmonger J Blower by a rod and line fisherman in Brixham, Devon.
A FISHMONGER received national recognition for the impeccable condition of his shop.