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MEPs nonetheless introduced a review clause requiring the Commission after four years to evaluate the impact of the special fishing gear used for deep-sea fishing (especially bottom trawls or bottom-set gillnets) on vulnerable deep-sea species and marine ecosystems.
Underwater services for cleaning of the seabed from abandoned fishing gear include removal and disposal of all debris from the gear larger than 10x10 cm range sea lane to a depth of 11 to 15 m in the area of Downtown to Fichoza, Varna.
Contract awarded for Dive equipment acquisition and fishing gear for regional craft araucania
Specific Objectives: (i) replacement of monofilament nets for legal fishing gear, (ii) Empowering fishermen on traditional fishing rules and new fishing laws, (iii) training of fishermen%s participation in monitoring of fishing in Rio Grande de Buba
At least 640,000 tonnes of lost and abandoned fishing gear are choking the oceans and killing and mutilating whales, dolphins, turtles and other marine life.
World Animal Protection calls on the government to ensure that planned loans through the fishery and Aquaculture Infrastructure Development Fund also address the issue of lost and abandoned fishing gear, also known as 'ghost gear'.
In spite of strict recreational and commercial fishing rules, effective management of our marine reserves and the great efforts made by relevant authorities, the use of illegal and banned fishing gear and methods is still causing the death of dugongs, dolphins, turtles and other marine species," said Dr Shaikha Salem Al Daheri, executive director of terrestrial and marine biodiversity at the EAD.
Until February 9, 2018, as many as 229 cantrang ship undertakes the change of fishing gear and can be declared back to sea.
But the populations in their different regions around the globe have been hurt by illegal harvesting - which targets both the turtles and their eggs - and from getting accidentally caught up in fishing gear meant for other creatures, such as gillnets.
A diving mission to locate abandoned fishing gear and to remove it has been carried out by the Oceanographic Centre and the diving team of the sports centre of the University of Cyprus in the Latsi area, it was announced on Thursday.