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a sharp barbed hook for catching fish

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From the time Moana locates Maui on the island to which he was banished by Te-Ka and until they track down Maui's fishhook, nothing is known about the demi-god prior to his attempt to, per Disney's telling, give humans the power of creation.
Figure 8 shows circumferential forces and mobility in a fishhook turn maneuver on asphalt.
The fishhook, for example, was unearthed at the site of the Carp River Forge, a nearby archeological site.
Some readers have suggested this is a fishhook remover, but at 13 inches long, the piece seems oversized for such a task.
It has a front end with fishhook headlights and sculpted air intakes.
Retrograde migration of the abdominal catheter as a complication of ventriculoperitoneal shunts: The fishhook sign.
Given the true financial background of their plans, their promised (non-guaranteed) 'community' benefits were little more than bait on a fishhook, designed to seduce the unwary.
The Case of the Vanishing Fishhook [Hank the Cowdog, #31].
Three types of disturbances are used in this work, which are fishhook, single sine, and speed bump.
of their surfaces, each petal a fishhook for reaping a whispery eye.
His reaction tells me he does not know a tackle from a fishhook.
(A) battery (B) magnet (C) net (D) fishhook ANSWERS
Martyr (aka J:3:3) has spent all of his life in a colorless, underground facility in Fishhook, Alaska, populated by dozens of "Jasons" like himself.
Dana Price and I discovered a small population of the endangered Tobusch fishhook cactus (Sclerocactus brevihamatus ssp.