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a bone of a fish

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made up of tiny fishbones. This element of decay is utilized in a practical economy of means where impeccable visual execution successfully surprises us.'
The shoes sport a fishbone structure that is meant to add comfort and support against accidental sprains and is covered in breathable, washable mesh fabric so that it can be tossed in a washing machine.
An Arab woman was saved after a large fishbone was stuck in her esophagus, specialists at the endoscopy department of the Ibrahim bin Hamad Obaidullah Hospital in Ras Al Khaimah, said.
The objective was achieved by using popular DMAIC method (Define, Measure, Analyse, Improve and Control), which included tools like Project Charter, SIPOC, Voice of Customer, Data collection plan, Pareto chart analysis, Histogram, Process Mapping, 5-Whys analysis, Cause and Effect analysis using Fishbone diagram, Feasibility study and Control chart.
In technical problem solving, root cause analysis techniques such as the fishbone diagram are used to identify potential causes of problems and actions to mitigate or eliminate these causes.
The long flowing leaves of a fishbone cactus were compared to the long curly hair of a pretty girl who wouldn't marry.
After a thrilling performance at Urban Nomad Opening Freakout, I had the pleasure to interview Angelo Moore of Fishbone, where he discussed his inspirations, performing, and his band The Brand New Step.
There are several tools of creative thinking such as fishbone diagrams, mind mapping, Pareto analysis, brainstorming, nominal group technique, metaphorical thinking, and why analysis.
There's also a shallow paddlecraft launch near the observation tower at the back of Fishbone Creek, off CR357, the Shired Island road.
Guests can journey between cuisines, sampling a variety of diverse flavors at Aja Restaurant; seafood specialties at Fishbone; outdoor grills, barbecue and delect`able dishes at BBQ Restaurant; inspiring Middle Eastern fare at Meat Point and Lalezar Restaurant; and Mediterranean indulgence in L'Olivo Restaurant.
But luckily for Wills and Kate, there are no caps on a third royal child, who is automatically entitled to public funds until death by fishbone or old age.
These range from bullet types--individual pieces, such as Ishakawa fishbone charts, numerous models of ranking risks such as FMEA, and design of experiment (DoE) software--to combinations of the pieces.
Haunted by events which occurred when she was 12 years old, she is angry that she cannot communicate verbally and that she is being judged for her 'fishbone stitches and crazy wiring'.
Fishbone; THE AMORPHOUS ASSASSIN; Spellbound River Press (Children's: Young Adult Fiction) 11.99 ISBN: 9781945017117
Fishbone - one of the first bands to fuse ska, punk rock, funk, hard rock and soul - is coming to the Hi-Fi Music Hall on Tuesday.