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Positing a secret history created by an elaborate, accidental network of geeks, losers, bad musicians, and fanboys working independently across three decades, Fish Story proclaims that there's no way to tell which one of us will save the world, because all of us will.
So, Neighbor, I hope my fish story makes sense to you.
In Striper Wars: An American Fish Story (Island Press, $26.
Another artist who has consistently worked against this lack of representation is Allan Sekula; see, among other projects, his Fish Story (1990-94).
The animated ``Shark Tale,'' featuring the voice of Will Smith as an undersea small fry who tells a big fish story, put the bite on the box office with a $47.
I think the fish story is so important I use it in my classroom every year.
FISH STORY While some scientists focus on water conditions after dam removals, others look to the fish in the river.
and Ludovic: Visiting Grandparents (NFB) in the Animated Programs category; The Circus is in Town: 50 Years of Hockey Night in Canada (CBC), The Hockey Nomad (Mercury Films/House of Fire Productions in association with CBC) and Nos Amours: The Saga of the Montreal Expos (Adobe Productions) in the Sports category; Claude Futra: An Unfinished Story (Production Docu 2 /Fox-Fire Films/NFB) in Arts Documentaries; Not a Fish Story (Avalanche films/Indio Pictures) in Short Drama; and 100 Days in the Fungle (Imagination Films and Television Production/Sextant Entertainment in association with CTV) in the made-for-television movies category.
There are narratives that are extended jokes, a story about being in love with a dog named Beatrice, numbered narratives, a fiction modeled after a card game, et fiction based on a recipe, epistolary fiction, a fiction based on permutations of a philosophical statement, short brittle pieces that seem to be extensions of Lish's novels, terse little short shorts (such as the very fine "Konkluding Labor of Herkules"), a fish story, and a story in a subway, just to name a few.
Like most success stories, it was a combination of skill, timing and politics that made this fish story come up roses.
Other restaurants include Lark Creek Grill, Yankee Pier, Fish Story, Parcel 104, Bradley Ogden at Caesar's Palace in Las Vegas and Moreton Fig at the University of Southern California's Ronald Tutor Campus Center.
SHREWSBURY - A Shrewsbury man has a fish story to tell, and when he says it was a big one that didn't get away, he's not kidding.
If the fish had had one last burst of energy, he would have taken the whole package and we would have had no more than a fish story.
Better tell you a fish story, before it's too late.
Canadian contenders include Paule Baillargeon's Claude futra, portrait sur film in the Arts/Documentary category, the made-for-television movie 100 Days in the Jungle, directed by Sturla Gunnarsson and the short drama Not a Fish Story by Anita Doron.