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any of various families of fish

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To which fish family do sardines and national newspaper for more than 50 years in Piers Morgan - see Question 10 pilchards belong?
London, March 20 (ANI): The latest version of the IUCN Red List of Threatened Species has declared the fish family Acipenseridae, more commonly known as sturgeon or caviar fish, as the most endangered group of animals.
In "The Bear And Fish Family Cookbook" these two culinary enthusiasts collaborate to compile an impressive series of more than 130 recipes offering a new and fascinating approach to conventional Asian cuisine.
They are all shapes and sizes, part of a fish family called 'chondrichthyans', which includes skates, rays and chimaeras.
A 12 fish family permit allows parents or guardians plus any number of their children under 17 to fish together for the inclusive price of pounds 25.
LANCASTER - Atlantic Union College, as part of the 125th anniversary of South Lancaster Academy, will host the Fish family in concert at 7 tonight during evening vespers at the College Church of Seventh-day Adventists on Main Street.
Local politicians, a French government official and several of the teachers and pupils injured in the horror crash, including English teacher David Macluskey, 34, who lost an arm, joined the Fish family.
This white fleshed member of the scorpion fish family is abundant in the Mediterranean and can usually be eaten all across the coast of Southern France and Provence.
there are more species of goby than in any other fish family. During the spawning period, the female attaches her eggs to an underwater object; where they are guarded by the male until they have hatched
It lists 52 species in one genus, Hippocampus, within the oddball syngnathid fish family. The syngnathids generally share a hunting style, snorting up small crustaceans and other prey through strawlike snouts.
We suggest that if a fish family in North America has suitable hosts for Lampsilis cardium (e.g., Poecilidae, Fundulidae), then exotic species of that family may be hosts as well.
Her phylogenetic analysis confirms their hunch that Megapiranha seems to fit between piranhas and pacus in the fish family tree.
Last night, Mark's parents sent a message of support to the Fish family.