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Out of a possible 100 points, with zero being the least fiscally stressed and 100 being the most fiscally stressed, Monroe County received a score of 69.2.
An item of income therefore is not derived In an entity if, under the laws of the entity's jurisdiction, the entity is fiscally transparent as defined by the regulations.
● Brein Mcnamara, who has been fiscally sponsoring ASL for America with his organization SignCasts, is an advisor.
Funny, that's not how the very, very, very fiscally conservative types usually view federal money.
Kathy Greenlee, assistant secretary for aging at HHS, testified that while CLASS was determined to be fiscally unsustainable, the administration considers it a priority to find an alternative that offers similar coverage.
"After we've seen all the recent troubles of the eurozone, they may need some fiscally responsible members and Bulgaria will be one.
Because of its fiscally irresponsible government, Hungary established a fiscal council, whose role making budget revenue projections realistically rather than arbitrarily and ad hoc.
WASHINGTON -- Efforts to pass health care reforms took a major step forward late last month when House Democratic leaders reached an agreement with fiscally conservative members of their party.
Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi of California has said the Democrats will "provide real tax relief to middle-class families, spur economic growth that will produce good-paying American jobs, and we will do so in a fiscally responsible way." During the campaign, many Democrats sounded populist notes on issues like the "outsourcing" of jobs, both blue- and white-collar, to China, Mexico, and other countries where costs are lower than in the United States.
Then there will be the opposite of the religious right--the fiscally conservative, socially moderate Republicans who might coalesce around a figure like Sen.
Fiscally conservative Republicans were almost as angry at Santorum's record, especially his embrace of the state's Single Bullet Theory-proving liberal Republican Sen.
PIP - the new proportional pricing regime that the Post Office will be introducing on August 21 - is supposed to be another of these 'fiscally neutral' costs so much loved by this Government.
"I wasn't fiscally responsible or educated in that area; I was late on just about every bill possible." says Washington, who notes that bounced check fees consumed a large portion of her weekly paycheck.
During her tenure, she has helped the Chapter develop new programs and become more fiscally sound.
MNA needs to be fiscally responsible and use the assets of the association to the best advantage of the organization and the needs of Montana nurses.