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Synonyms for firstborn

the offspring who came first in the order of birth


first in order of birth


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As a special type of firstborn, only children tend to be highly motivated, self-confident, and achievement oriented.
The effects of dyadic labeling combinations (whether both children were labeled, neither was labeled, or whether just the firstborn or secondborn child was labeled) on the sibling relationship were examined.
Inspired by Kate and William's firstborn, George is most popular with punters.
We saw someone slacklining in our park only last weekend - and it wasn't Firstborn.
The Queen's support will fortify the 45-year-old's hand in seeking to change the law and will let firstborn daughter of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge be the next heir to the throne.
My husband and I added temperature to our tracking of fertility and two years after we married, I successfully delivered our firstborn.
Firstborn Rameses, however, is ultimately destroyed by his own fears of disappointing the father who had expected so much of him.
Among the firstborn twins, 50 percent of those delivered vaginally and 38 percent of those delivered by cesarean section had HIV infection, the researchers report in the Dec.
Continuing to litigate puts the question of all completed adoptions, including that of Sharon's firstborn, back on the table for the court.
I tell Firstborn about these times because it's now possible to laugh about them.
There's even evidence that firstborn children are about 3 IQ points smarter than their second-born siblings.
Park brings nearly 10 years of interactive design experience to Firstborn.
So God unleashed a series of 10 plagues on the land, the last of which was the slaying of the firstborn.
As in Matthew, these details highlight the royal nature of the infant and his right as firstborn to the throne of David - and, perhaps, also to the glories of heaven, to which he ascends at the conclusion of Luke's gospel.
Model was responsible for establishing strategic relationships with new media companies, such as eVox Productions, Firstborn Multimedia, Total Sports, and TeknoSurf, both inside and outside New York City and for creating programs that helped to create New York City's Silicon Alley.