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His Ferrando was very good, and the sextet of principals was rounded out by a first-rate complement of talent--Yvonne Kenny (Fiordiligi), Kirsti Harms (Dorabella), Stephen Bennett (Guglielmo), John Pringle (Don Alfonso) and Amelia Farrugia (Despina).
Chapter four narrates the last five years of Stradella's life, another mixture of first-rate music and second-rate intrigue.
This is a first-rate study, imaginatively and inspiringly (as well as competently) written, properly illustrated and stylishly designed.
King as an "opportunist," a "first-rate rabble-rouser" and "a coward." All of this was tempered by the fact that both men later reconciled.
"The government's new encryption algorithm is first-rate," concludes computer scientist Dorothy E.
We will now be capable of providing Northern and eastern Ontario with first-rate regional news and relevant regional programming," said Pierre L.
A disappointing book on a topic that cries out for a first-rate treatment.
"The building is easily accessible, amenities are first-rate, and the beautiful exterior is worthy of a Hollywood film.
Brown's voiced reading is first-rate; her voice, clear and lovely; her articulation, precise.
Play The King's Indian: A Complete Repertoire For Black In This Most Dynamic Of Openings by Joe Gallagher (English Grandmaster and winner of the 2001 British Championship) is the latest in a long list of first-rate Everyman Chess titles devoted to meticulous instruction, strategy, and tactics concerning specific chess techniques.
The movie The Gospel of Saint John is first-rate, well worth the three hours it takes to see it.
A professional network of more than 550 members delivers everything that the most demanding meeting planner might require--from initial proposals and site inspections to first-rate support services.
The company said the launch offers "tremendous growth potential." TEC ceo Helen Alexander said "the fact that we've chosen to launch a new title during one of the worst media recessions on record proves the importance of the China market to world business and TEC." And CFO China editor Enid Tsui said there is now a "need for first-rate financial journalism amongst a new breed of finance manager (in China).
But these days queer kids--and their hetero pals--have first-rate books to help them find their footing; two charming examples hit stores this month.
Since the end of World War II, Tuscany has been home to many first-rate artists who failed to reach an international audience.