first-degree burn

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burn causing redness of the skin surface

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First-degree burns are erythematous, dry, and painful.
The CDD said that firefighters managed to control and put out the fire that left two people suffering from suffocation and another with first-degree burns. The medics administered first aid to the injured and transferred them to a nearby hospital in a moderate condition.
Hannah Muthoni sustained 8 per cent first-degree burns and injuries to her left eye and hand during the Friday incident.
Worly Cerelles suffered first-degree burns while Wendell Tacoloy has a laceration.
Doctors reportedly said that he was being treated for second-degree burns on his genitals and inner thighs, as well as first-degree burns on his stomach.
"A four-year-old girl who suffered a deep wound on the front of the head needed plastic surgery, while there were five cases of first-degree burns.
Laser hair removal is a process that targets the hair follicle, and if not done accurately can lead to severe first-degree burns, which might leave the skin to break out in sores and blisters.
It is therefore important to opt for treatments with registered and certified clinicians and practitioners to avoid unpleasant side-effects and first-degree burns," Dr Janbeh added.
In first-degree burns, damage affects the topmost layer of skin.
A CAR parts manufacturer must pay PS1.6m after five people fell ill and a teenager was left with first-degree burns at its South Tyneside factory.
The victim has suffered 70 percent first-degree burns, according to the local police chief.
Boiling water was also poured on her, leading to first-degree burns.